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"BUQSHA STORE", respects your privacy and seeks to conform to the established legal requirements for Data Collection, Processing and Transfers. By using the BUQSHA STORE or the services provided by it (and therefore agreeing to the terms of use), you expressly agree to use the BUQSHA STORE for your information as described in this Privacy Policy. Your use of BUQSHA STORE is subject to your consent to the terms of use and its privacy policy. If you do not agree to this terms and privacy policy, you should not continue to do so.

We are committed to respecting and maintaining the privacy of users and visitors who use or visit the site. The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain how you will use your information, including personal information that we may obtain from you while using BUQSHA STORE.

Information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we will not sell or share this information with others. As described below, any exchange of this information will be limited to the group of partners and companies/subsidiaries of Buqsha Trading Company, which follows or is subject to the same privacy policy.

Collecting personal data and how to use it

By using "BUQSHA STORE", you provide us with certain information (referred to below as "personal data") that we may collect and store to provide the required services and perform our contractual obligations, as well as allow us to understand site users to improve and develop your preferred store for "BUSHAQ STORE".

This information includes your name, address, phone number, email, credit card, debit card, order date, feedback through your visit to the site (includes the address of the computer used, geographical location, user browsing system, operating system, transfer source, visit duration, number of pages browsed, website navigation etc.).

Information relating to any transaction between us and you through BUQSHA STORE includes information regarding any purchases of our products or services and your comments, including the evaluation of products and services.

We may use your personal information that you have provided us or collected by us to:

  • Save your profile in your favorite store "BUQSHA STORE"
  • Fulfill our commitment to provide you with the best services, including buying and delivering products to you.
  • Analyze and evaluate your shopping preferences to enable us to review, develop and improve our products and services, and enable us to provide you with relevant information through our marketing programs. We may use your personal information to make decisions about the uses of your computer technology, for example choosing products and services that we believe are of interest to you through the information we have available to you automatically. We may inform you of these products and services as soon as they are available, including special offers and discounts that you deserve (including products and other competitive products and services) by email, phone, text messages and other emails such as video messages or otherwise.

We may update your personal information that you provide to us with information we may receive from a third party (e.g. credit rating agencies)

Prevent Fraud:

In order to protect our customers and protect us from fraud and theft attempts, your personal information we obtain may be shared with other groups/companies/affiliates of Buqsha Trading Company, Other Third Parties, companies, retailers, financial institutions and others (including legal institutions) competent to prevent and detect fraud and fraud attempts.

Phone Calls:

All phone calls (incoming, outgoing) may be recorded to verify the content and may be used along with your records for quality control, staff training, prevention or disclosure of any illegal activity, and the resolution of complaints.

Share your personal data with others:

We promise to do our utmost to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided to us, but we may share your personal data with other affiliates or affiliates of BUQSHA STORE or we may share it with third parties, companies, retailers, institutions that provide services or products to you through BUQSHA STORE for the following reasons:

  1. Follow-up and management of any prizes or competitions that may be offered by these companies or institutions.
  2. Agents or any third party with which it has been agreed to provide services to us.
  3. Any entity with which you have agreed to transfer rights or duties under our agreement with you.
  4. We have the right to do so, or under the law that obliges us to do so in respect of any current or future legal proceedings, in order to defend our legal rights (including providing information to others for the purposes of preventing fraud and fraud and reducing credit risk).

By agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to such participation for your personal information.

Browser Log (cookies):

BUQSHA STORE uses the latest technology of using "cookies" that allows the user to learn about the user's activities and interests and helps us to provide a private experience when shopping through our store. The use of this technology also includes technology that helps us track your personal information for the purpose of tracking your activity when using BUQSHA STORE, reporting, assessing trends and monitoring the way the site is used. You hereby agree to use this technology by accepting the terms of use. If you don't want us to use cookies, it's your responsibility to use your search browser to scan all cookies from your computer to stop this technology, block cookies, or receive a warning before storing cookies.


We take sufficient measures to prevent unauthorized access to the site, use, modification, leaking or damaging personal information. Any information collected and stored is defined and protected using all available means. "BUQSHA STORE", is not responsible for any unauthorized third-party entry unless such entry occurs due to negligence or intentional misuse.

Protecting your personal data is a priority for us, so we take the following precautions among others to better protect your personal information:

  • Technical and regulatory precautions to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information, including the use of the SSL security software system.
  • We store all of your personal data that you provide us with in our protected systems and with confidential numbers on the server. All electronic transactions you perform or receive will be encrypted using SSL technology.

It is important to emphasize your role by protecting your account or password on your device that you use to access "BUQSHA STORE".

Product Rating:

We may send a cartoon mail to invite you to provide us with feedback or an assessment of the products you have purchased. In addition, we may ask you if you would like to answer questions about the product you purchased that was thrown by our authorized suppliers.

Important Observations:

Your comments and feedback may be shared with companies/branches or sites affiliated with BUQSHA STORE or one of our authorized providers.

Once your assessment is sent, questions and answers will appear on BUQSHA STORE and your evaluation will not be modified or erased after it is sent.

If you have any other inquiries, please contact our customer service.

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information stored with us, bearing in mind that the submission of this information is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Make a formal request.
  2. Payment of the prescribed fees QAR 50.
  3. Providing us with proof of identity (copy of passport or ID card).

If you suspect that your personal data is incorrect, you can contact us.

Any change in our privacy policy will be posted on BUQSHA STORE and will take effect from the date it is published. It is your responsibility to review our privacy policy from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may occur. We may notify you by email of any changes to our privacy policy.

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