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Welcome to your favorite store, "BUQSHA STORE". This is the usage policy for your access to and use of the " BUQSHA STORE " platform, its smartphone application, and all its services. By agreeing to the terms of use and your use of the site, you indicate to us that you are bound by the terms of use of " BUQSHA STORE ".

If you do not agree to the terms of use, you can leave the " BUQSHA STORE " now.

Before you register your membership in the " BUQSHA STORE ", you must read and agree to the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy and access any other related information regarding the User Agreement such as information related to the applicable usage policy. All such information and the Privacy Policy are enforced by law.

Membership eligibility

We at " BUQSHA STORE" would like to make sure that the member is able to form legal binding contracts and that minors do not use the site in an inappropriate manner. Therefore, the " BUQSHA STORE " membership is not available to persons under the age of (18) years. Your acceptance of the Terms of Use will constitute an acknowledgment that you are (18) years of age or older. In the event of prejudice to the rights and laws of "Al-Baqsha Online Store", we reserve the right to limit or exclude the membership of any person who is known to be under (18) years old, and the site is not available to persons whose membership has been excluded or suspended. If you register as a business entity, you confirm that you can bind that entity to the User Agreement and that you and the business entity will be subject to all laws relating to online commerce. No person or business entity may register as a member more than once.

Obligations for your own account and registration

When registering as a member of the " BUQSHA STORE ", you must provide certain information and choose your username (personal name) and your password.

When you become a member, you agree to:

  • Maintaining the privacy and restricting the use of your own account and password, and you also acknowledge your full responsibility for the activities that occur through your account and password.
  • That you will inform us immediately of any illegal use of your account or your password or any illegal behavior. BUQSHA STORE will not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss of profit or corruption of the goods due to the disclosure of your user name and/or password. You cannot use someone else's account without showing the account holder's authorization of acceptance. Your membership also means your agreement to compensate the " BUQSHA STORE " for any illegal use of your personal account by you or by any other person who can access the site and services through the use of your user name and password, whether or not you are aware of such use.
  • To use true, accurate and complete information about yourself as required in the registration form (registration data) of the " BUQSHA STORE".
  • Do not put the word " BUQSHA STORE" in your username.
  • The required data should be updated upon registration to keep it accurate, current and complete.

BUQSHA STORE has the right (at its choice and at any time) to make any inquiry it deems important (whether directly or through an intermediary) and to ask you for information or other proof without any restrictions to ensure your identity and/or ownership of your financial covenants.

In the event that the user is a commercial entity, this information and evidence must contain your trade license or other files or evidence that shows the members of the entity or the right of any person in the entity to act on your account and that you will agree to give “BUQSHA STORE” any information or evidence upon request. In the event of your refusal of the foregoing, we may restrict, suspend or close your account on the Site and/or your membership as well.

BUQSHA STORE has the right to suspend any account that is inactive or inactive for a long period of time.

Electronic communication

By completing your membership, you agree that we can communicate with you via e-mail, your phone number, or by sending notices on the “BUQSHA STORE” and that you agree to all agreements, notices, statements or any other communications that we can provide to you electronically to meet the legal requirements.

Modifications to the User Agreement

Your membership in the " BUQSHA STORE " You know that we can amend the User Agreement to increase your obligations or reduce your rights in accordance with the rules of the User Agreement. You also agree to the ability of the " BUQSHA STORE " (at its choice and at any time) and without any liability to make any modifications They are explained on the site itself.

Expenses and services

Your membership in " BUQSHA STORE " is free and there are no fees to browse the site.

BUQSHA STORE can make a temporary change to its services for offers or promotional campaigns (such as delivery days and free shipping) or provide new services for a specific period. These temporary changes are effective under its terms when announced on the website.

All charges are paid in the currency of the buyer's country. All expenses and taxes must be paid to the "BUQSHA STORE" within (15) days from the date of issuing the invoice in any possible and permitted payment method as mentioned in the fees and payment policy.

Your information

By using the "BUQSHA STORE ", you give us the right to use any information or data, whether personal or other, that you give us when registering or through any e-mail messages or through any feature on the site and application in order to improve and manage the site and that According to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Use of the site

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you confirm the correctness, accuracy and validity of the information and details provided by you (in addition to the registration information), depending on the time and place.

Provided that, when using the site, you shall not:

Use the Website in any way that causes or could cause or cause the Website to be obstructed, accessed, damaged, or disabled.

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